THE BEST OF 2015 Music Blog 02:01
For those in despair over the year recently passed, I offer a little optimism; the world of modern music remains as robust as ever. I present, therefore, my annual 50 best tracks of the year, evenly split between 25 female vocalists and 25 male. The music eminates from 15 different countries, and is rendered mostly in English. Absolutely no Adele, New Order et al, just bands you may or may not have heard of, Róisín Murphy, Gwenno, Stolen Jars, Villagers, Prins Póló, Hot Chip, Moodoid, Flavia Coelho and many more, all washed down the mighty Fall (Peel would be proud of me). Enjoy in joy.
Press here  go hear.

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JOHN PEEL? Working on permission to reload the 200 sessions that slumber in my collection.


Music & Travel Blog 12.24: Here’s 3 hours of terpsichorean tunes, viz dance music, that I’ve personally test driven, and I must say that the legs are still somewhat tender from all the leaping aboutThose who follow me on a regular basis will know that I flew south to Sydney Australia this year to DJ an open-air festival, and since then I’ve been threatening to put together the dance music sequences that provoked the stage invasion that closed the show down. I’m thinking that might be one of the greatest compliments I’ve ever received. Press here  and go hear. 


COOL YULE MUSIC BLOG 12.04: It’s December again, and everywhere, it seems, is decked with the sound of badly programmed festive music. What a relief to know that there’s some genuinely good “Chrimble" music out just needed to be collected and arranged properly. Our annual 15-hour holiday upload is split into five playlists and gathers music from all over the world...well, what did you expect? Pop, Soul, Caribbean, Jazz, Country, R&B, African…the odd madrigal. So hear you go …happy hols.


Music & Travel Blog 11.21: I’m grateful to be writing this from the Yucatán Peninsula, where between occasional rainstorms, beating sun, and small aircraft-sized mosquitoes, I have composed a mixtape of music from SOUTH OF THE BORDER. This 46-track excursion contains a sombrero full of top tunes from the usual brace of Latin American countries, but also, perhaps more interestingly, cuts from Greece, Japan, Scotland, and this years sensation, the all-women ensemble, Mariachi Flor De Toloache. The tracks are, as always, magnificent! Press here  go hear.


Music Blog 11.7: The 45's that were the soundtrack of the 60s were, to a great extent, given to session musicians to gussy up. Brian Wilson’s Beach Boys' hits were not recorded by his kinfolk. The "family-friendly" balladeers of the time were being replaced by “pop", and a tight group of studio musicians, men and women, on both sides of the Atlantic, provided the fills—they were the "Wrecking Crews." This hit fest features songs from then and now, and is great for get-togethers, 1 point for titles, 1 point for the artist, and 3 points for the here  go hear.


Music Blog 10.15 The great thing about composing a theme playlist, is that you can introduce great music that has been slumbering in your collection awaiting a mission. This mixtape is a walk through a forest at night, a threnody of a soundtrack played in a graveyard. This playlist is for grown-ups only, featuring unreleased bootleg cassette versions of Joy Division’s  Atmosphere and She’s Lost Control, picked up in Camden Town many full moons ago. Also in the mix, many more dark, modern, funny, and often hysterical tracks. Go on, give it a go.


Music Blog 10.2: If you’re anything like me, and I think you might be, you hear a piece of music and find yourself transported to another place and time. I travel and rifle through record racks, hear music on the streets, and listen to the radio. Then I set it down and design a soundtrack so I can visit again, anytime, cost-effectively, in my head– it’s eco-friendly and cheap. Twenty countries grace this playlist…material picked up trips to Italy, France, Greece, Iceland, and a scary DJ trip to Australia…hell if Columbus had the Internet he never would have left Spain.


Music Blog 9.3: Dreads Up!  Reggaetown, 46 cuts of the most recent and relevant music in a Carib stylee. A purist’s perspective here would be churlish; Reggae has become the property of the world, as it should be. So here’s a tip of the tam to those who are changing the riddim. This playlist contains tracks from 14 countries. The likes of Junior Mervin, Wayne Smithe et ital have left the Yabba pot and are gone. But if you're down for a jump-up, some cool runnings are afoot. Crank up the stereo and all will be irie...seen? 


Music Blog 8.21: This is a three-hour romp from Mozart to Chopin with contributions from a very grumpy Beethoven, and drinking buddies too numerous to mention. Press here go there, mask not included.



Music Blog 8.7: What is English music? Perhaps it’s still the dead Nick Drake, or the rhythmic empathy of Roy Harper and Jimmy Page, Richard Thompson maybe, Elizabeth Frazer of the Cocteau Twins or the slap guitar of John Martyn…oh, they’re Scottish. Van Morrison and Lisa Hannigan…oh, they’re Irish. Kathryn Tickell I’ll swear the harpist is Welsh. Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou…ah, the hell with it. Here’s Music From The Wood Scholars of music, and the playing there of, should drop everything and listen to this playlist.


Music Blog 7.11: ‘In a decently ordered society this music would be available on the National Health’ so spoke the legendary D.J John Peel about African music–and he was correct, it’s absolutely my go to section when I’m down in the dumps. So here are 37 tracks from a dozen African nations guaranteed to have you swaying uncontrollably, feeling happy and full of the joys of polyrhythms. Go on, you know you want to…press here  go there.