Caribbean Rhythm Episode 5: Toasters Dancehall. Isaiah’s Place was a NYC club I frequented way back. Metal detector and pat downs at the door, the security was ‘Rambo Style.’ A four-person elevator took you up and tipped you out and onto the dance floor, not a pallid face to be seen–magic. The sound was drum and bass with ‘toasters’ extemporizing lyrics. Toasting medleys would soon be co-opted by the boys from the Bronx and turned into rap, but back then it was strictly Jamaican dancehall for homesick Islanders and ex-pats. That slow perpetual riddim put the hook in you...hooked until you stumbled out at dawn. Want to know what that sounds like? Click away and cool runnings….

WELCOME BACK–OR HELLO: Playlists are now a robust 3 hours, you will join them in progress, with artwork and pithy reviews. Hundreds of hours of playlists are missing and will start to appear as we stock up. Social media now charges for announcements, I will therefore be communicating UPLOADS by email only. Register and be an informed listener. iPhone and Android support is being built. Remember to connect to your stereo and wind it up. Cheers! C

JAZZ SWING & SINGERS: Keep Calm And Carry On

MUSIC BLOG 2.18. Named for the wartime period it evokes – times were dire but the music was uplifting. Keep Calm & Carry On was a motivational poster produced by the British Government in 1939 in anticipation of WWII. It was intended to raise the morale of a public, threatened with mass air attacks. Although over 2 million were printed, the poster was rarely displayed and was little known until a copy was discovered in 2000. Only two copies survived until a collection of 20 was brought in to the Antiques Roadshow in 2012. Enjoy in joy.

SOUND TRACK: Ocean Soundscape

Music Blog. 2.13. Those familiar with the site will understand that this section is not about the lyric or the beat, but rather an understated accompaniment to read by. These particular playlists are made to watch sunsets by, or for lolling around the house to... if luck prevails they are great mixtapes for that ‘other thing’ which may ensue, I speak of 'country matters'. Play on, play on….

RHYTHM & BLUES: Soul On Fire

2.10.15. Northern soul emerged in the north of England in the 1960s. Driven by American soul, the Stax label was a huge part of its sound. This was an historic moment, when despite segregation, black and white musicians worked together to produce music that is as relevant today as it was then. Here are 68 tracks of Memphis homegrown hits, from 1947 to 1968…great for after dinner with friends…serve “chilled.”

MODERN MUSIC: The Best of 2014

1.30.15: I hate the word ‘pop,’ because none of the tracks are necessarily mainstream and in the ‘charts.’ There’s a Scandinavian presence here, with tracks from Sweden and Iceland…some music from Senegal via Wales and China, riddim from Jamaica, Canadian content, something from Brazil in French, and a number of tracks from France in French–stupéfier! The usual brace of U.K., U.S. cuts, including a track from my childhood home of Cumbria. Not all things to all people, but close.

AFRICAN BEATS: La Musique De L'Afrique

1.24.15 The Ancient Greek word “aphrike” means “without cold,” and the Roman word “aprica” means “sunny” – either way you slice it, the music from this continent is never dull. If you have children, press play and watch them dance...if you don't, bolt the door, turn up the volume, and let the leaping begin...

EASY BEAT: Black Eyed Dog

01.15.15: Announcing the minty-fresh release in the Easy Beat section of Black Eyed Dog, so named because it contains an impossible-to-find version of said sad song by the ever popular, but continuously dead, Nick Drake. Forty-one other cuts here include new entries to the land of the living. Best listened to via vast quantities of wine, in dark smoky rooms with intriguing me.

RHYTHM & BLUES: Goodbye Blues

01.09.15 Followers of this catagory of will rejoice at the return of Goodbye Blues. Now a three-hour extravaganza of R & B with a dash of Soul – 53 rare, or impossibly hard-to-find tracks, on vinyl, covering the period 1939 to now. Back to work and let the inspiration of the Blues ensue.