Star Date 11.19.14: Welcome to Jingle Bell Jump Up… the program that has quite a ring to it and is our penultimate Chrimble playlist. Within this three hour musical geology appears a 7 minute extended jam-down version of Elvis Presley singing Merry Christmas Baby, which is worth the price of admission alone. Also within this jolly 3 hours stew are a number of Soca tracks which should make you leap about involuntarily, crooners, a dash of country, rock n roll, a sachet of Soul, some African beats, a jumbo of Jazz and a yabba pot of Carib riddims. In short a pastiche of musical happiness that separates us from all the drivel out there. Next week the last in the Christmas collection featuring the latest in festive four courses. Then we will put them back in the drawer, where they will slumber for another eleven months. Cheers and a happy Christmas to one and all. C
WELCOME BACK OR HELLO: Think of the new site as a radio station, without advertising and the annoying prattle of a disc jockey. The playlists are now a robust three hours in length and come accompanied by artwork and pithy reviews. You may find some of your favorite playlists missing, but they will be appearing as we stock up the site, and remember we are available on I phone and droids. Because social media now charges to send announcements, I will be communicating relaunches and new playlists by email only. So register and be an informed listener…cheers! And as always…enjoy in joy. C

UPLOAD 13.12.14:

It’s that time of the year again and the airwaves, department stores, supermarkets, everywhere it seems is decked with the sound of badly programmed holiday music… what must we to do? Well hopefully our annual antidote to this indisposition will prove effective. Today marks the release of Holiday Cool Yule, our third holiday program, which this year comes in five installments, all the way to Christmas, at which point we will upload The Best of Pates Tapes 2014… acronym BOPT… I like that! Enjoy in joy.